Rose Stapley is an incredible teacher. Read reviews from parents, students and industry peers as they rave about her studio and her abilities.

Parent Reviews

Jonathan G // Lebanon NJ - Rose is a fantastic piano and voice teacher. We took lessons with her for over a decade. She became a friend and mentor to each of our four children. She helped them learn to learn by overcoming their unique hurdles and fears. We highly recommend Rose.

Lisa J // Clinton NJ - My daughter has been under Rose’s instruction for eight years. She is an extremely talented individual and wonderful role model. Her holistic teaching approach provides inspiration and stimulates creativity and confidence in her students. She is patient, kind and affirming. Our experience with her has been a blessing. 

Christy D // High Bridge NJ - This is our daughter’s fourth year with Rose & we couldn’t be more delighted. She connects with each student and tailors lessons to them individually, demonstrating flexibility when the student needs more time and when they’re in a phase of rapidly expanding their repertoire. She sees the child as a whole person, not just a piano student. 

Darlene Y // Whitehouse NJ - Our three girls took piano and voice lessons from Rose Stapley for fifteen years. Rose brought each of them out of their comfort zones and showed them what they were capable of. Her areas of strength also include patience, persevere, instruction and an ability to meet each student where they are at. Rose makes her lessons fun and creative. The one thing I appreciated most was how much fun and laughter our daughters had while learning. Rose is amazing and any student will be lucky to have her as their instructor!

Angela A // Flemington NJ - Rose Stapley is a tremendously gifted music teacher who inspires her students to achieve their best. Rose’s teaching style makes learning fun and relaxed that the student of any age would do well to achieve their goals.

Student Reviews

Becki A // Flemington NJ - I took piano lessons with Miss Rose for six years and loved every second of it! I began when I was seven and started with the basics but worked up to complicated classical pieces of. Miss Rose will guide you patiently and compassionately through every lesson and will never raise her voice. She will push you to reach the potential you didn’t even know you had while challenging you to strive for excellence. I loved performing at recitals and festivals to showcase what she taught me. I genuinely miss my time as a piano student and would encourage anyone who is interested to give it a shot - you won’t regret it!

Susan I // Whitehouse NJ - As an adult and beginner student, working with Rose was a wonderful opportunity. With each lesson I had the pleasure of learning how to read and play music for my own enjoyment. I also experienced the sensation of using more areas of my brain, better stress management and a newly found confidence. A music education with Rose Stapley facilitates self discovery and character education.

Devon J // Clinton NJ - I tutored under Mrs. Stapley for eight years. When I started, I was disinterested in learning piano and attended lessons only at my parents' insistence. Since then I have come to have a deep appreciation for the instrument. I enjoyed Mrs. Stapley's lessons greatly. She will teach you the discipline to play the instrument at any skill level you desire. I highly recommend her as a piano teacher, whether it be for a child or adult learner.

Maria T // Washington NJ - I was Mrs. Stapley’s student for ten years and first arrived to her studio with zero piano skills. Through her lessons, I quickly became proficient. Each year ended with a recital where students exemplified their progress to families by playing a piece of their choice. The yearly improvement of each student was astounding. Mrs. Stapley is an excellent teacher who truly cares about her students. Her studio is a friendly yet firm environment that encourages creativity and hard work.

Christian M // Bridgewater NJ - I took lessons from Rose in New Jersey ten years ago. She has remained one of the most memorable teachers I have ever had. My previous piano teachers usually kept to the old-fashioned learning materials and had disagreeable personalities that made me dislike music. I always looked forward to weekly class with Rose where we could discuss all the latest bands. Having this connection made it easier for me to open up to more classical piano pieces. As much as I am sad that she has left New Jersey, I am happy that she can now use her talents in Florida too!

Emily D // Clinton NJ - I was a piano student of Rose Stapley through my high school years. She is a dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable professional. Through her patient demeanor, I grew in my confidence as a piano player and person. I highly recommend Rose as a piano teacher since she helped me a develop a love of the piano!